Asphalt Repairs in Maryland

Blacktop is a popular material used to cover driveways and parking lots. Blacktop or asphalt is affordable, durable and easy to install. It is also possible to perform repairs if signs of damages appear in your driveway or parking lot. Here is what you should do if you need asphalt repairs in Maryland.


Don't Wait


Blacktop can be damaged by exposure to the sun, wind, and rain. Ice can cause cracks to form in the surface of the blacktop. If you wait too long before making the necessary repairs, cracks and holes will only get worse. You will eventually have to completely replace your driveway or parking lot instead of having to pay for smaller repairs.


Determine What Needs To Be Done


If there are only a few signs of damage in your driveway, a contractor or asphalt company will be able to fix the cracks and holes by applying more asphalt to these areas. If the blacktop is badly damaged, it might be a better option to apply a new layer of asphalt over your driveway or parking lot. The old blacktop might have to be removed depending on how damaged it is.


Prevent More Damages


You should consider protecting your driveway or your parking lot from further damages by applying a protective sealant. The protective coating can be applied to prevent erosion caused by sun and wind exposure. This type of coating is water repellent, which means water and ice won't cause any damage to the blacktop. You can also choose a coating that will protect the blacktop from oils and fuels from vehicles if this is a concern.


Choose The Right Asphalt Company


Look for an asphalt company or a contractor with the right credentials. Check online reviews and ratings and make sure there are no complaints filed via the Better Business Bureau. You should contact different local contractors and companies to ask for credentials and some before and after pictures of similar projects. You should also compare prices if you already know which services you are going to need to fix your blacktop.


Get A Professional's Opinion


It is best to have a professional inspect your driveway or parking lot if you are not sure what your best option is. It might make more sense to remove the damaged asphalt and to apply a new layer if there is a lot of damage. The right asphalt contractor will be able to recommend what needs to be done. Don't hesitate to have more than one professional look at your driveway or parking lot so you can compare their recommendations and get written quotes for their repair services.


Blacktop repairs are very affordable and will make your driveway or parking lot last longer. Fixing your driveway or parking lot will also reduce the wear and tear on your tires. Find out more about different asphalt companies and contractors in your area to find a blacktop repair service with a good reputation and fair prices.